About Income

On the other hand, the app allows advertising, all advertising fees are based on $TELE and transferred to the advertising contract wallet, and this part of the income will be divided into three parts, one part belongs to all creators, and the other part belongs to all users who use chat , the rest belongs to VIP members, which means that users who create or actively use the application can get benefits. This is an important part of progress. A better ecology and more users will also be more conducive to obtaining more advertising revenue.

Creators can also choose to publish articles that requires payment to view. Creators can set prices for specified content, which will also be based on $TELE, so only users who are willing to pay the corresponding token can view them.

There will be a 10% fee on this type of revenue, which belongs to the platform like advertising revenue, so it will also be fully distributed to all creators, app users and VIPs (including themselves)

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