Full Oracle Feature

We will deal with some partners to serve Telechat holders.

We commit that the platform can be used by crypto or non-crypto users. Because it is the long-term vision of the project, All advertising fees are priced in USD and billed in $TELE.

Advertising cost will be displayed as TELE/USD (real-time price) Example: Ad cost is $100 - TELE price = $1 - Ad cost will be 100 TELE

If the price of TELE is $0.5 - then the advertising fee will be 200 TELE

So, buying more $TELE in the early stage will be able to obtain more advertising resources for advertisers who foresee that $TELE will rise.

Even in the early stage of the project, when advertising fees and tokens are relatively cheap, the treasury can still receive the corresponding $TELE, which will be more conducive to increasing the liquidity of tokens.

When the token becomes expensive, the same advertising fee only needs to pay a small amount of tokens, and fewer tokens can be distributed to resist the selling pressure.

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