Advertising Business

Advertisement type

We will develop the advertising platform and divide it into two basic parts, the home page and the advertising page.

  • Income from homepage ads Conspicuous Banner can catch the eye, is relatively slightly expensive and it charges by the number of days

  • Revenue from click-to-view video ads

  • Income from clicks on promoted articles

  • We will cooperate with major well-known advertising platforms, such as: Google adsense, A-ads, AdChoices, Admob, Facebook, Propeller Ads...

  • At the same time, we will apply ad filtering and anti-spam technology in order to bring most efficiency to users and advertising

Ads Protocol (AI system)

Telechat Protocol - We provide great solutions for publishers and advertisers with AI systems. It will show ads to the right target. Because the ad revenue wallet will be through smart contracts, it will save your budget, the results are transparent, and the payment system is automatic. Funding the campaign takes about a few seconds.

For advertisers:

  • Various modes: CPA - CPM - CPD

  • Protect user privacy

  • Allows payments in multiple cryptocurrencies (automatically Swap into $TELE and pay)

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